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ift Rosenheim ConTec GmbH

Holistic technical support for approvals, sustainability strategies, expert opinions and practical construction issues

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We pave your way through the regulation jungle

The development of new windows, façades, doors, garage doors, assembly products or building materials is highly complex. Before, during and according to the development processes, a multitude of technical rules, laws and standards must be taken into account. This can quickly lead to losing track of the regulatory jungle or overlooking important points.

There are also many options when it comes to the transformation of project-related assembly projects, the development of fire protection concepts for construction products or the introduction of sustainability measures. Often, there is a lack of internal experience or the necessary expertise for real innovations.

This is where the newly founded company of the ift Group, ift Rosenheim ConTec GmbH, can support you. We are at your side as technical consultants throughout the entire process, provide you with comprehensive support and reduce your bureaucratic efforts - with the concentrated industry knowledge of our team.

The new company is completely separated from ift Rosenheim GmbH in terms of personnel and organization in order to meet the requirements of the German accreditation body (DAkkS).

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Industry Expertise

Our employees are experts in the components industry and have extensive technical experience. This is how we warranty discussions at eye level with engineers and technicians. You also benefit from our expertise in the introduction of sustainability measures, so that we can address your company-specific requirements in a targeted manner.

This distinguishes us from other consulting companies on the market that are not focused on the components industry .

Holistic Support

ift Rosenheim ConTec GmbH sees itself as a full-service provider for technical services in the component industry and accompanies you throughout the entire process of your projects - e.g. for approvals or new developments.

The holistic support during all stages of a project can lead to faster time-to-market for new developments as well as better cooperation with official bodies.

Bureaucracy Reduction

A short time-to-market is crucial in the development of new products. Our experience and expertise help to reduce bureaucracy and handle methods faster and more efficiently:

Approval procedures or new developments require cooperation with official bodies or authorities. Unfortunately, this is often a lengthy process that claims a lot of time and resources.

Thanks to our experience, we know exactly how to make methods less complicated, faster and less bureaucratic. In this way, we minimize problems with official bodies such as DIBt, can clearly define deadlines and timelines, and optimize processes. We also bring our expertise to bear in areas that are not covered by standards.

Our Range of Services

Support with national and EU approval procedures (e.g. ETA, abZ, etc.)

Support in the preparation, implementation or adaptation of factory production control based on national or European regulations

Standards research with direct access to over 6000 standards relevant to the industry

Individual training concepts on technical/organizational tasks in the window, facade and building products industry

Assessment and optimization of wall connections and concepts for freedom from barriers, monument protection and fire protection

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